U sutrašnjem polufinalu od 13:00 časova sastaće se četiri najuspešnije ekipe na ovogodišnjem TURNIRU „VRILITOS CUP 2014“.

Snage će odmeriti PARTIZAN-Reprezentacija IZRAELA i CO ZAGREB-FILIPPOS…

Sutrašnja polufinala možete pratiti OVDE


Prenosimo Vam impresije i izveštaj današnjeg četvrtfinala u originalu:


The fourth piece of the Semifinals stage puzzle was put in place after Partizan beat Rudar Pljevlje 19-14. The Serbs were always in control despite the Montenegrins courageous efforts to stay in touch.

Partizan will now play Israel I in Good Fridays’ semifinal, while Rudar will confront Israel II later today for places 5-8.



Akim Komnenic (Partizan Coach): “We had to face fatigue from playing so many matches in such a short time, nevertheless we performed well and we rose to the occasion. Our next opponent in the semifinal, Israel I, is a very-very strong and I believe the favourites to reach the final.”

Igor Maskovic (Coach Rudar): “We did our best. We knew that Partizan was better than us, therefore I am satisfied with my players’ efforts.”


The five-minutes: 3-1, 6-3, 6-4, 8-5(half-time), 12-6, 16-10, 18-13, 19-14

PARTIZAN BEOGRAD (Α. Komnenic): Gajic N., Canak 1, Hajdin 3, Cairovic 1, Gajic R., Jentic, Nikolin, Barac 2, Gojkovic 1, Stanic 1, Vizcina 7, Mitic, Veljovic, Micic 2, Krstic 1

RUDAR PlJEVLJA (I. Maskovic): Ahdielic, Milovic, Dragasevic 3, Matovic, Zihdovic, Cvijovic, Topalovic, Klepo 1, Divlovic 1, Kovacevic, Vojihovic 7, Vukas, Drobhiak, Pahtovic, Klacar 2

Referees: Ralli Ch., Ralli S. 2΄ min.: 3-0 Penalties: 0/1 – 2/3